Where can I find a Cosmetic Dentist in Huntington?

When it comes to methods of enhancing your smile, your cosmetic dentist in Huntington provides the latest treatment options. At the office of David M. Eller & Dr. Reginald S. Opimo, we offer a comprehensive selection of services, from preventive, restorative, and emergency procedures, to cosmetic options yielding stunning results. Committed to staying abreast of the latest technology and techniques, you can be confident that you will receive the high-quality care and individualized attention you deserve. We have helped many patients sculpt a more beautiful smile and we are confident we can do the same for you. New patients are always welcome to our state-of-the-art facility, your resource for exceptional cosmetic dental care.

Cosmetic Dentist in Huntington

With a wide range of options, from professional teeth whitening and Invisalign to Snap On Smile and porcelain veneers, your cosmetic dentist in Huntington can help you find a treatment option that is suitable for your needs, comfort level, and budget. If you have teeth that are chipped, worn down, or misaligned, you may benefit from a consultation at the office of Dr. David M. Eller & Dr. Reginald S. Opimo to discuss our porcelain veneers. A very versatile treatment, veneers can be used to gently touchup or completely remodel your smile. Essentially ultra-thin facings that are bonded over the front surfaces of your teeth, veneers are an excellent way to achieve your dream of a more beautiful smile. Fabricated from high-grade dental porcelain, our veneers are life-like and durable, with the potential to last many years with the proper care.

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Huntington with a reputation for providing stunning results, consider visiting the office of Dr. David M. Eller & Dr. Reginald S. Opimo.  For more information on any of our general, preventive, cosmetic, and restorative services and to schedule an appointment, please give us a call today.

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