Where can I find an Emergency 25705 Dentist?

If you have been suffering from a toothache, there is no need to prolong your suffering. At the office of Dr. David M. Eller & Dr. Reginald S. Opimo, our 25705 dentist is experienced in treating all types of dental emergencies and will provide you with the prompt care you require. With flexible scheduling options available, we make it easy to find a convenient appointment time. Whether you require root canal therapy, a broken appliance repaired, a tooth extraction, or other type of urgent dental care you can be confident that our skilled team will be able to restore your oral health. We warmly welcome new patients to our state-of-the-art facility and we look forward to becoming your trusted dental care provider.

25705 Dentist

Your 25705 dentist is well prepared for just about every manner of dental emergency, from damaged restorations, to deep cavities and injuries. The most common dental problem is a toothache, which can have a wide array of origins. While in most cases, a toothache is the result of a cavity it is important to seek treatment right away as a more serious problem could be responsible for your discomfort and an infection may be present. At the office of David M. Eller & Dr. Reginald S. Opimo, our skilled dentist will examine your condition using leading-edge diagnostic equipment as needed to assist in making the most precise diagnosis. In cases of extensive dental decay or traumatic injury, a root canal treatment may be necessary to restore your oral health. Despite popular misconceptions about the procedure, root canal therapy is a safe and effective method for saving a damaged tooth and alleviating pain.

For the gentle and compassionate care you deserve during a dental emergency, contact the leading 25705 dentist at the office of Dr. David M. Eller & Dr. Reginald S. Opimo. For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call our office today.

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